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Hello, Wet Weather

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

We spent much of the first couple of weeks of 2023 tromping around in the mud clearing debris and digging ditches. We had to get a sump pump out (or two) and even locate a couple of hoses we haven't had to use in about a decade or two.

But the good news is the sun is out momentarily and all our systems worked remarkably well considering we had about five back to back storms. Two streams that meet at the front of our property and drain out to the Napa River flowed just as I remember them flowing in the winter when I was a little girl--It took me back to the days of catching tadpoles with my brother in late spring.

Of course watching tadpoles dart around the water was much simpler than checking storm drains and overflow pipes to avoid erosion, but it all got me thinking about this site we call both Home and work. It made me realize (again) the impressiveness of this small little corner of the world.

When my parents made the decision in the late 1970's and early 1980's to start their search for a vineyard/winery site, there were quite a few options, definitely more than there are today. As some of you already know from previous blogs or getting to know us over the years, my dad had much experience working with fruit from all over the valley--St Helena, Rutherford, Pope Valley, and yes even Los Carneros. When it came time to settle and find 'the spot', their friend and realtor provided them with a few potential sites. Some up off of Silverado trail, others off of Hwy 29. When the Los Carneros site came up, it took them some convincing, but they finally agreed to visit it in person. Pretty immediately upon visiting their skepticism turned into excitement: "This has potential."

It was a dairy farm then, and the buildings--the brown barn and house--left a lot to be desired, but the land was inspiring. Something about the rolling hills, and the house sitting at the top of the driveway with almost a 360 view of the property. For my parents, it was one of those moments you sometimes read about happening in the Napa Valley; it was a once in a lifetime property that they were lucky to be presented as a potential site. It wasn't already planted and the infrastructure to farm and make wine didn't already exist, but they both saw what it could be, and they couldn't turn away from what they envisioned on this 50 acre farm. They knew this was a long term commitment that would take all the (very cliché) blood, sweat, and tears, they could possibly give in their lifetime.

That was about 33 years ago that they decided to go all in on 2530 Las Amigas road. And the site is still a lot of work, don't get me wrong. We somehow seem to be in a perpetual state of construction--even more so now thanks to our driveway and other things I won't get into on this blog--but I just wanted to take a moment and share some gratitude to my parents for laying the pipes and drains and culverts that allowed the water to move properly through the property to the river. An enormous Thank you for digging ditches in the rain while I was little and jumping in puddles. And thanks to German for helping the current management of water flow. The complicated system of reservoir over flow and pipes worked through this back-to-back storm event of 2023

Now with the sun peeking through, and shining off the very full reservoir, we hope you have a wonderful Monday and a productive work week! Cheers!

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